Motion Works Patient of the Month: Andy

November 2nd, 2018
motion works patient of the month andy

Motion Works Physical Therapy introduces our Patient of the Month, Andy. Andy is a firefighter who hurt his knee while carrying a patient on a stretcher down the stairs. Even after preoperative therapy, he had knee pain and was unable to return to work.

The surgery that Andy had is called a meniscectomy. This is surgical removal of the meniscus, which is a cartilage in the knee that helps cushion the joint.  It can get torn in both athletes and non-athletes alike and present with a loss of motion, pain, swelling, popping, clicking, and loss of strength. This condition can make it difficult to walk and negotiate stairs. While some people can get better without surgery, Andy required surgery.

Three weeks ago, he had surgery to remove this tear.  He is gradually improving and making good progress. We are currently working on gaining motion, reducing swelling, and controlling pain. He is just beginning to incorporate functional strengthening, like step ups, squats, and balance activities.

“My goal is to return to work stronger,” Andy said. “I want to be able to get back to playing with my kids.” We hope to also get him back to work as a firefighter in the next few weeks. We will work on strengthening to be able to let him lift his gear up and down stairs and ladders. 

Andy has had a very positive experience here at Motion Works. “I would absolutely recommend Motion Works. Mike and his staff are awesome. They provide a great, clean, effective environment and they make treatment pertinent, challenging and fun.”

Thank you, Andy. We are glad to have helped you along your road to recovery and getting you back to doing your important work.

Motion Works Physical is here to help you. Please learn more at our website or call our office at 508-660-1110 for appointments.

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