Motion Works Physical Therapy Introduces Our August Patient of the Month, Rene

August 31st, 2018
Motion Works Physical Therapy patient of the month

Rene came to Motion Works Physical Therapy after undergoing a right total hip replacement. Rene lives in Walpole and dealt with hip arthritis for a long time before having surgery.

When we started working with her, she had some definite goals. “I have a couple of goals,” Rene said when discussing her treatment. “Unfortunately, my left hip needs to be replaced as well, which will be done in October. My immediate goal is to strengthen my right side so that it will be strong enough when I have my next surgery, to make it a bit easier. I am trying to look forward and I will definitely come back to Mike, as soon as I am cleared for outside PT after this second surgery. My goal at that time will be to strengthen and get me back to enjoying life – I certainly didn’t like being held back as I have been for the past couple years. My long-term goal is that I would like to take yoga one day. In the past couple of years, I have not been able to get down to the floor and up, which my ortho said he was not surprised when he saw x-rays of how bad my hips were with the bone on bone and I had no range of motion in my right and limited in my left.”

Rene realizes that hip replacement is a surgery with a lengthy recovery time and is practical about her treatment. “While Mike is encouraging, he is also realistic. Baby steps for me since I lack confidence after all this time of being in pain. While I know my long-term goal won’t happen in a couple of months, I’m hopeful with Mike’s help I’ll get there.”

Four weeks after surgery, Rene started attending PT twice a week. We have worked on stretching her hip and lower extremities to improve her range of motion. Performing progressive strengthening has helped improve her tolerance to walking and also helped with transfers and using the stairs. Rene has made great progress and will be transferring to an independent home exercise program soon.

Rene has been very pleased with her treatment here at Motion Works. “I cannot emphasize enough how highly I recommend Mike and Motion Works and I have told everyone who needed a recommendation. For me, I did not want to go to a place as I did in the past where you are often in a room with 5 therapists and many patients – and most of the time the therapists are talking amongst themselves without much coaching to their patients – I was uncomfortable in those situations.  Most definitely not so with Mike! If you’re looking for someone who is going to be make you his priority and who is informative and caring, there’s no doubt in my mind he will help you.”

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