Ooh My Aching Back: Physical Therapy For Back Pain

September 28th, 2018
back pain motion works physical therapy

I’m pretty sure that most of us have been there. We have back pain and our first instinct is to sit on the couch or lie down until it gets better. In this case, going against our instincts is going to help us feel so much better.

Research shows that this inactivity can lead to more pain. Getting up and moving might be the last thing you want to do,but physical therapy and exercise can be a effective way to reduce pain.

Even without physical therapy, light aerobic exercise like walking or riding a bike can also help back pain.  Of course, like everything else, when we get into the specifics of exercises, this can vary between each individual. What might be helpful for one person’s back may be harmful to another. At Motion Works we can help you find the right exercises for you.

Beyond just actual movements, your time here at Motion Works Physical Therapy is used to get educated. You won’t be here forever, but your physical therapist can provide exercises to take home to help you get better now and for you to incorporate into your normal routine.

We will make sure you are doing everything correctly and make modifications if certain exercises don’t work for you. Your time here at Motion Works is an hour or so for you to focus on you and your healing and not get distracted.

We will develop an individualized plan of care for you which will include appropriately prescribed exercise! Strong core and back muscles improve posture and increase the body’s ability to hold the spine in its proper place. This, in turn, relieves a lot of sciatic nerve pain.

There is no need to suffer at home alone. Call Motion Works to schedule an initial appointment in our Walpole, Massachusetts facility to start feeling better and get back to the activities that you love. We look forward to helping you!

*Even if physical therapy doesn’t help, there are other options. If you have persistent back pain for 3-4 week despite exercising, see a physician.  It’s also important to see a physician if you have other symptoms like pain/numbness and tingling downs the legs or weakness. Also, see the doctor if you notice back or neck pain in combination with fever or night sweats, or bowel or bladder incontinence. It’s very important that you get these conditions looked at right away.

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