Our Patient Experiences at Motion Works Physical Therapy

March 29th, 2019
Physical Therapy Treatment

As a patient-focused physical therapy clinic, our greatest pride is when someone that has come to us in pain or is recovering from surgery heals and improves and is able to get back to their lives once more!

We have experience working with clients who have a variety of surgeries-total hip replacement, knee surgery, back surgery-and other injuries for which physical therapy is an effective treatment . We customize a program based on each patient’s individual needs. We take the time to get to know our patients, dedicating concentrated time to them so that they can learn the exercises safely and correctly. Our approach is not to treat a patient like a number, but as a whole person. This differentiates us from other facilities.

One of our greatest sources of pride is the wonderful feedback that we receive from patients regarding their patient experiences here. We are truly grateful that they took time out of their busy schedules to leave a review on Facebook or our Google Business page.

Below, you will find their testimonials. If you are inspired by their stories and are in need of a physical therapist in the Walpole, Sharon, Attleboro, and Foxborough area, we welcome you to give us a call, work with Mike, and see the Motion Works Difference for yourself!

Dorothy Hennessey on Facebook- Over the years I have had PT after surgeries for hip & knee replacements. I tried several places but never quite found one where I was totally satisfied. After going to MWPT I felt I was having the best treatment possible. Mike is very knowledgeable, patient and offers individualized attention. I highly recommend him.

Rene Onorato Mamouzellos on Facebook- I cannot emphasize enough how highly I recommend Mike and Motion Works. I had a total hip replacement and did not want to go to a place as I did in the past where you are often in a room with 5 therapist s and many patients – and most of the time the therapists are talking amongst themselves without much coaching to their patients – I was uncomfortable in those situations. Most definitely not so with Mike! If you’re looking for someone who is going to be make you his priority and who is informative and caring, there’s no doubt in my mind he will help you.

Erik Clinton on Facebook- I came to Motion Works after suffering a knee injury. Working with Mike and staff was a great experience. Everybody is extremely friendly and caring. They helped me to recover my strength and range of motion and they shared their knowledge with me to help prevent such an injury in the future. If I do ever need PT again I won’t hesitate to go to MW again. I highly recommend it!

Kimberly Lowe on Facebook- My daughter (11) and I both have a genetic hypermobility condition called Ehlers-Danlos which leads to a lot of joint dislocations and pain. Most recently Mike has been seeing me for a neck issue I’m having, but also regularly sees my daughter (a gymnast) to assess her joints, give her exercises to stabilize weaknesses in them, and communicates with her coaches to discuss the safest way to approach new skills. Mike has truly been wonderful! We’re very grateful to have found him and would never even consider going elsewhere. Highly recommend.

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