Patient Testimonials

  • I started going to Motion Works after hip replacement, on the recommendation of another Physical Therapist! Within the very first week, Mike Wezel had my range of motion increased, and within a few sessions my strength was much improved. Each time I saw him, I left feeling like progress was being made in leaps and bounds. I highly recommend Mr Wezel. He gives you his undivided attention and stays with you during the entire hour. He is very knowledgable about the treatment, he is very personable, and although I do not look forward to my knee replacement, I know that Mike will get me back to work and back on the tennis court in no time at all!

    Tina M.

  • My first experience with physical therapy-I found Michael Wezel to be very patient, sympathetic and knowledgeable. Liked the small, personal quality of this practice and would highly recommend it.

    Susan E.

  • I highly recommend Motion Works Physical Therapy for any physical therapy needs. At this facility I received excellent attention and was told everything I needed to know in order to fix my injury as quick as possible. Everyone working there was welcoming from start to finish.

    Rhys D.

  • I saw Mike for a torn achilles and chronic shoulder and neck pain. I live in New York, but was recovering from the torn achilles in Walpole. My experience with Mike was way better than any experience I’ve had in New York. He was very encouraging, and really cared that I got better. He helped me make tremendous progress with my achilles and alleviate some of the shoulder and neck issues in a short time. He did a great job of finding exercises for my achilles that didn’t aggravate my neck, and vice versa. Mike is kind and knowledgeable and did a great job listening to my feedback on how the exercises effected me. He was flexible with scheduling and worked with me to find a appointments that were convenient for me. I can’t say enough good things about my experience at MotionWorks.

    Daniel H.

  • I had the pleasure to be a patient Mike Wezel after tearing my biceps tendon.

    Mike helped me to recover quickly and gain my strength and mobility back. He provided me with copies of exercises I could do at home or in gym to recover quiker. Mike was very attentive to me at all sessions and I would highly recommend him for your Physical Therapy needs. I am back to work in construction and my arm is doing very well.

    Freddie R.

  • I highly recommend seeing Mike at Motion Works. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of patience. Mike helped with improvement in mobility and regaining strength after should surgery. Easy to work with and convenient appointment times.

    Nabil N.

  • Mike is an incredible PT! I came to him with an ACL tear after a freak softball injury! Mike has been so patient, kind, and always attentive to my needs while in PT. I am now back to playing softball and it is all thanks to him! I would highly recommend Mike for my family and friends if they were in need for physical therapy!

    Liz M.

  • Mike the owner is very professional and listens to you and I highly recommend him. He got me back on track in perfect condition in just a month and a half. Thank you Mike!

    Joe S.

  • I began seeing Mike last week for a shoulder injury. When I first arrived, I was greeted by a nice and friendly girl at the front desk. It’s important to me to be welcomed by a kind and professional person upon my first visit. The therapy area was very clean and spread out and not crowded with other patients and therapists which gives you a lot of one on one attention. My exercises so far have helped me a lot as I need to keep up my strength and mobility for the type of work I am in. I haven’t missed a day of work and I am much more comfortable day to day thanks to Mike.

    Nancy H.

  • I saw Mike for a torn rotator cuff. I always had his complete attention and liked that there weren’t lots of other people having PT in the same room. He was extremely knowledgeable & patient continually making sure the exercises weren’t too painful and being performed correctly. The office was very clean and I especially appreciated his flexibility with appt times. I highly recommend him.

    Pat Mc.

  • My daughter (11) and I both have a genetic hypermobility condition called Ehlers-Danlos which leads to a lot of joint dislocations and pain. Most recently Mike has been seeing me for a neck issue I’m having, but also regularly sees my daughter (a gymnast) to assess her joints, give her exercises to stabilize weaknesses in them, and communicates with her coaches to discuss the safest way to approach new skills. Mike has truly been wonderful! We’re very grateful to have found him and would never even consider going elsewhere. Highly recommend.

    Kimberly L.

  • Mike is an amazing person, and physical therapist!!! He is very skilled, and knowledgeable, yet so down to Earth, and easy to talk to!!! The office staff is incredible, as well. It was nice to have Mike’s full attention, to explain, and make sure, I was doing the exercises properly. I would absolutely recommend, Motion Works Physical Therapy, to anyone, and everyone I know. Thank you, Mike, and crew, for everything…I miss you ALL

    Denni M.

  • I came to Motion Works after suffering a knee injury. Working with Mike and staff was a great experience. Everybody is extremely friendly and caring. They helped me to recover my strength and range of motion and they shared their knowledge with me to help prevent such an injury in the future. If I do ever need PT again I won’t hesitate to go to MW again. I highly recommend it!

    Erik C.

  • I came to Motion Works after re-injuring my back – a chronic problem I had had for more than 20 years. Mike took the time to fully understand and analyze the problem. He patiently helped me through the pain so that we could then address the route of the problem and rebuild. Unique to Mike (and I’ve worked with several other PTs through the years), is his strong focus on patient education to help maintain my progress and prevent recurrence. Mike is the best!

    Lynne B.

  • I cannot emphasize enough how highly I recommend Mike and Motion Works. I had a total hip replacement and did not want to go to a place as I did in the past where you are often in a room with 5 therapists and many patients – and most of the time the therapists are talking amongst themselves without much coaching to their patients – I was uncomfortable in those situations. Most definitely not so with Mike! If you’re looking for someone who is going to be make you his priority and who is informative and caring, there’s no doubt in my mind he will help you.

    Rene M.

  • Over the years I have had PT after surgeries for hip & knee replacements. I tried several places but never quite found one where I was totally satisfied. After going to MWPT I felt I was having the best treatment possible. Mike is very knowledgeable, patient and offers individualized attention. I highly recommend him.

    Dorothy H.

  • If you are looking for a local Physical Therapist then look no further. Mike operates a top-notch facility that is clean and bright. He and his staff show significant personal attention to the entire session and you feel like you have a personal coach/trainer opposed to being part of a large facility where you are left on your own to exercise.

    Larry S.