Physical Therapy Programs for Children

April 30th, 2019

Injuries can happen to any of us at any time and this can include our children. While most people think of physical therapy as being something for older people who have surgery, or adult athletes who have been injured, children can have great results from seeing us here at Motion Works Physical Therapy.  

Doctors will often recommend physical therapy for children who have had sports injuries, back pain, or surgery. If problems with movement affect activities of daily living physical therapy can be a great help. Some functions that can be improved include walking, stairs and throwing, as well as an overall improvement of range of motion, balance, and strength. Physical therapists also educate parents and caregivers on exercises to be done at home to continue the child’s improvement.

The goal of physical therapy is to improve strength and help patients achieve goals on their own, increasing their independence. Physical therapy not only helps kids physically, but mentally. Programs are tailored to each individual child and their injury or disorder. Whether their conditions are acute or chronic, knowledgeable therapists can create engaging programs that kids look forward to.

There are a variety of treatments that can help a child build strengthen and improve movement to help the child complete daily activities. This can include:

  • consulting with other members of the child’s medical team to create an individual care plan
  • balance and coordination activities
  • flexibility exercises for range of motion
  • training after an injury
  • adaptive play, crawling and walking
  • aquatic therapy
  • using heat or cold therapy, electrical stimulation, or massage to improve circulation around injuries
  • education on how to avoid injuries and programs geared to safety and injury prevention and also recommending when returning to sports or activities is safe
  • providing instructions for at-home exercise

At Motion Works Physical Therapy, we treat patients of all ages. If you are in the Walpole, Foxboro, Sharon, Mansfield, or Attleboro area, we would love to be your first choice for physical therapy care. We have convenient appointment times during the week and have appointments available on Saturday. Please call our office 508-660-1110 to schedule an appointment today.

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