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Physical Therapy for Post-Concussion Syndrome

January 31st, 2019

Concussions receive a lot of attention in the media these days.  It seems like every week you hear about an NFL player that is out on concussion protocol. Everyone seems to know a young athlete that isn’t playing their sport because of a concussion.  The CDC estimates that 1.6 million to 3.8 million people will experience a

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Mike Wezel: Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists

December 7th, 2018

Almost every day, I answer a lot of questions here at Motion Works Physical Therapy.  Why is my knee hurting? How long will it take for my foot pain to go away? Have you seen this type of back pain before?  Do you take my insurance? Another common question I get from patients is: What

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Proper Snow Shoveling Techniques

November 30th, 2018

Another New England winter is almost here and the first snowstorm of the season has already come and gone. Most of us head outside to clear the snow and unfortunately, shoveling snow is one of the most common causes of low back pain in the winter months.  Implementing proper body mechanics for snow shoveling can

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motion works patient of the month andy

Motion Works Patient of the Month: Andy

November 2nd, 2018

Motion Works Physical Therapy introduces our Patient of the Month, Andy. Andy is a firefighter who hurt his knee while carrying a patient on a stretcher down the stairs. Even after preoperative therapy, he had knee pain and was unable to return to work. The surgery that Andy had is called a meniscectomy. This is surgical removal

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Motion Works Physical Therapy patient of the month

Motion Works Physical Therapy Introduces Our August Patient of the Month, Rene

August 31st, 2018

Rene came to Motion Works Physical Therapy after undergoing a right total hip replacement. Rene lives in Walpole and dealt with hip arthritis for a long time before having surgery. When we started working with her, she had some definite goals. “I have a couple of goals,” Rene said when discussing her treatment. “Unfortunately, my left hip needs to

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Motion Works Patient of The Month: Seamus

June 29th, 2018

Motion Works is happy to introduce our June Patient of The Month: Seamus. Seamus came to Motion Works PT after he underwent an ACL reconstruction surgery to his right knee.  He is a member of Merrimack College’s Division II Men’s National Lacrosse Championship Team.  Unfortunately, he tore his ACL in practice during the season and wasn’t able to compete in

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Is sitting the new smoking?

May 30th, 2018

I think we can all agree that sitting is pretty comfortable.  When you sit you use a lot less energy than when you stand or walk.  We’ve all been sitting our whole lives.  Chances are you are sitting right now when you read this.  I read everywhere that “sitting is the new smoking”. Research has linked sitting for prolonged

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Why I Became A Physical Therapist

February 7th, 2018

23 FEBRUARY 2018 Why I Became A Physical Therapist When my x-rays didn’t show a fracture, the orthopedist sent me to physical therapy. At first, I was really skeptical that physical therapy could help me. My therapist taught me to stretch properly and instructed me in a series of exercises to strengthen my leg. I

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New Year’s Resolutions

January 12th, 2018

Talk to your doctor – If you haven’t been active in a while or have a health issue, it’s important to get a physical before embarking on a new exercise routine. Write down your goals – Writing down your goals will help you stick with them. Make sure that your goals are SMART, that is Specific, Measurable,

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